1. An Assessment of Changing Scenario of Work Participation Rate in Pune District of Maharashtra – Dilip Dnyaneshwar Muluk, Dr. Arjun Haribhou Musmade
  2. Population Growth in Osmanabad District of Maharashtra A Geographical Analysis – Dr. A. I. Khan, Mr. Vipul Trimbakrao Gaikwad
  3. Growth and Distribution of Population in Osmanabad District – Dr. Arjun H. Nanaware, Mr. Manoj W. Chikram
  4. Rainfall Trends And Variability Analysis of Southern Pune District In India – Dr. Arjun Nanaware, Katwate M. P.
  5. Geographical Transmission of Common Cold and Diarrhea in Jalgaon City: An Analysis with the Help of GIS – Dr. D. S. Suryawanshi
  6. Population Growth In Chandrapur District – Dr. Godawari A. Gaurkar
  7. A Study of Population Arithmetic Density in Georai Taluka – Dr. Landge S. S.
  8. Geographical Study of Health Facilities in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra – Dr. N. D. Kashid-Patil
  9. Spatio-temporal changes in Land Values within Aurangabad City, Maharashtra – Dr. Prakash R. Konka
  10. Impact of Covid-19 lockdown on Agricultrure sector – Dr. Sachin N. Bhombe, Dr. Vijay K. Tompe
  11. Geographical Analysis of Types of Rural Settlement in Nashik District, Maharashtra – Dr. Sanjay D. Pagar
  12. Development of Khawa Industries in Bhoom Tahsil of Osmanabad District, Maharashtra State, India. – Dr. Shubhada Suresh Londhe
  13. Distribution Of Rainfall In Rain Shadow Zone Of Maharashtra State – Dr. Vidya C. Kachkure, Dr. Madanlal V. Suryawanshi
  14. Ramification of Frequent Earthquakes on Landuse Pattern in And Around Patan Tehsil in Satara District of Maharashtra. – Mr. Sandeep Sampat Tadakhe, Dr. C. U. Mane
  15. Spatial Distribution of Specialized Doctors in Karad Taluka Dist. Satara (MH.) – S. J. Sakat, S. B. Zodage
  16. Impact of Irrigation on Cropping Pattern in Osmanabad District – Shaikh M. D., Dr. Suryawanshi M. V.
  17. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management in Sangamner City. In Ahmednagar District (M.S.) – Singh K.S., Dr. Vilas Ramchandra Ugale
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