MBP-Vol-40, No.1, Jan-Jun 2023
(ISSN: 0971-6785) Impact Factor 4.567 Renew(IIFS)

  1. Inhabited Villages of Market Centers in Hingoli District: A Geographical Study. – Dr. H. B. Rathod, Dr. N. T. Deshmukh
  2. Pesticide Consumption on Agriculture in Solapur district of Maharashtra: A Geographical Perspective – Dr. Chandrakant Narhari Kale
  3. भंडारा नगरच्या प्रमुख समस्या आणि उपाय योजना – Dr. Kailas U. Ishwarkar
  4. Spacing and Dispersion Patterns in Rural Settelement in Bhandara District – Prof. Kishorkumar S. Hukare
  5. Human Development Index: Comparative Analysis of Countries of the Indian Subcontinent – Dr. Babasaheb Kacharu Wani, Dr. Ramakant Narayan Kaspate
  6. Wetland Mapping and Monitoring: An Analytical Study on the Heingang Lake, Manipur – Dr. Gurumayum Jadumani Sharma, Dr. Vasudev Shivaji Salunke
  7. “Planning for One Day Tourist Circuit in Nashik District for Religious Tourism” – Prof. Sanjay Dagu Pagar
  8. Nature of wildfires in Melghat Protected Area and their impact on forest cover – A geographical study – Dr Pramod Wadate
  9. Is it impact of Ajanta tourist center on social transformation in Maharashtra, India? – Dr. Dnyaneshwar. S. Suryawanshi, Dr. Vivekananda D. Patil, Dr. Asha M. Kate
  10. Dam Dependent Diversification: A Study Of Crop Cultivation In Ghod Dam Command Region (ms) – Prof. Hanumant Dattatray Shinde
  11. Impact of Geomorphic Features on Population Density in Sindkheda Tehsil of Dhule District (M.S) – Dr. Uttam Vedu Nile
  12. Changing Educational life-cycle Stage and Merits of National Education Policy: 2020 – Dr. Balasaheb Baburao Mali
  13. ग्रंथ परिचय – डॉ. ज्योतिराम मोरे (मान्सून: हवामान शास्त्रीय वेध लेखक: डॉ. पी . के दास)
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