MBP – Vol-39, No.2, July-Dec 2022 (ISSN: 0971-6785) Impact Factor 4.567 Renew(IIFS)

  1. Beach Tourism and Rural Development: Study of Nagaon Village in Raigad District “(Maharashtra) – Dr. Amol M. Bibe,  Dr. Ramakant N. Kaspate
  2. A Study Of Internal Net Migration In Vidarbha 2011 – Dr. Sangita R. Chandrakar
  3. A Study of Spatio : Temporal of Road Construction in India – Dr. Dayanand Ujalambe
  4. A Study of Occupational Structure in Rehabilitated Villages of due to Hatnur Irrigation Project in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra. – Dr. Sanjay Bhaise
  5. Agriculture Productivity of Junnar Tahsil of Pune District, Maharashtra – Sharad Baban Kaphale, Dr. Jyotiram C. More
  6. A Geographical Analysis of Spatial Pattern of Female Work Force Participation in Ahmednagar District (MS) – Dr. Korade Shivaram Mahadu, Dr. Jyotiram More
  7. A Geographical Analysis of Administrative region wise area under forest covers and correlation with them in Maharashtra State – Dr. Balasaheb Mali, Dr. Jyotiram More
  8. Study Of Urban Fringe In PimpriChinchwad City – Mrs. Sandhya Gore, Dr. Jyotiram More
  9. GIS Application for Consumption of Cereals and Pulses in Tribal’s of North-Western Part in Nashik district, Maharashtra (India) – Dr. Dnyaneshwar. S. Suryawanshi1, Dr. Jagadish D. Wetal, Dr. Madanlal V. Suryawanshi, Mr. Vivekanand D. Patil
  10. Assessment of Soil Productivity based on Storie Index Rating using GIS in Daund Tahsil, Pune District, Maharashtra – Ashok B. Divekar, Mithilesh N. Chavan
  11. Comparison of the normalized difference moisture index and tasseled cap wetness in the detection of soil moisture based on Landsat Satellites in the Upper Mutha basin, Pune District – Kishor R. Sonawane, Dr. Jyotiram C. More
  12. Book Review :: The Earth Beginnings of the End by Adv, Sanjeev Kulkarni   Book reviewer : Dr. Praveen G. Saptarshi
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