MBP-Vol-40, No.2, July-Dec 2023

(ISSN: 0971-6785) Impact Factor 4.567 Renew(IIFS)

  1. The Study of Schedule Tribe Female population Distribution in Shrigonda Tehsil – Shri. Vijay Chandrakant Ithape
  2. A Geographical Analysis of Tahsil wise area under Irrigation Facility in Solapur District (MS) – Dr.Balasaheb Mali
  3. Impacts of Lumpy Skin Disease on Shevgaon Tehsil’s Dairy Economy in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra (India). – Dr. Amit E. Sonawane, Mr. Gokul S. Jadhav
  4. Geographical Analysis of Population Crude Density in  Kaij Taluka Dist. Beed – Dr. Somnth Landage
  5. A Comparative Geographical Study of Agricultural Land Use Efficiency Index and its Change in Jalna and Parbhani – Mr. Dnyaneshwar Pathrikar
  6. Assessment of the NDVI and TCC Greenness in the detection of vegetation based on Landsat satellites in the Upper Mutha basin, Pune District – Dr. Kishor R. Sonawane, Dr. Jyotiram C. More, Asst. Prof. Minal K. Sonawane
  7. AnalyzingThe Dynamics of Investment and Employment of Industries in Nagpur District – Ankita Raju Khobragade, Dr.Seema S. Malewar (Sawarkar)
  8. Exploring Farm Pond Patterns In Ahmednagar: Enhancing Agriculture Through Protective Irrigation Strategies – Dr. Dattatray Sheshrao Ghungarde
  9. Exploring Farmer Perspectives on Rural Development through Agriculture: A Case Study of Shirur Tahsil in Pune District, Maharashtra – Dr. Pramila Patil, Dr. Ratnaprabha Jadhav, Dr. Debendra Nath Dash
  10. Bhandara City Land Use: Central and Other Commercial Divisions – Dr. Kailas U. Ishwarkar
  11. Land Use Pattern of Soni Village in Miraj Tahsil: A Geographical Analysis – Mr. Navnath Lawte, Dr. S. M. Kamble
  12. Evaluation of Economic Challenges among Housemaids during  Covid-19 Pandemic in Nashik Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra Virendra – Nagarale, Piyush Telang
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